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Tangram MySpace Game Tangram
Tangram is 7 pieces of basic shapes that can be combined to form wonderful geometric figures

Played: 1519 times
River Game MySpace Game River Game
The object is to get all the people across the river. There are rules to be obey

Played: 1577 times
Stick in Twiddlestix MySpace Game Stick in Twiddlestix
The stick will rotate constantly. You task is to navigate the rotating stick safely through waterways without hitting the walls

Played: 784 times
Sparks MySpace Game Sparks
Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center

Played: 906 times
12 Puzzle MySpace Game 12 Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzle with 25 pieces - there is a nice animation if you complete the jigsaw

Played: 1466 times

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